Our 2022 Legislative Priorities

John Howe

Date: 08/10/2022

Hello there! My name is John Howe. I’m a Policy Analyst with Let’s Green CA!

At the same time, I’m also finishing a public administration and business administration master’s program at Presidio Graduate School. My time at Presidio has trained me to think innovatively about solutions to the climate crisis. And there are a lot of solutions out there!

So, as we approach the end of California’s two-year legislative cycle, the LGCA team decided to throw our support behind a collection of innovative bills — alongside our own Clean Car Equity legislation SB 1230 — that increase access to clean transportation, increase environmental justice, and decarbonize the state. Importantly, each of these bills center equity.

If you’re ready to take action, you can use our new tool to send a message to your state legislators about their forthcoming votes on these important bills. If you want to learn more about our prioritized legislation, please read on!

Clean & Equitable Transportation

Transportation is the largest contributor to GHG emissions in California. To make an impact on reducing this pollution we need to ensure that clean transportation is available to everyone in an equitable manner. These bills do just that!

AB 1919 (Holden) would create a five year grant program for transit agencies to create, maintain, subsidize, and expand K-12 youth and college student free transit pass programs.

AB 1738 (Horvath) would require apartment buildings and multi-family units to install EV charging stations and infrastructure in common area parking lots during retrofitting projects.

AB 2061 (Ting) would require that recipients of state funds for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE, aka EV charging stations) report to the state what their uptime is.

SB 1251 (Gonzalez) would create a position called the “Office of the Zero-Emission Vehicle Equity Advocate.”

SB 1482 (Allen) would increase EV charging equity by requiring that all newly constructed multi-family housing units have access to an EV-ready parking space.

SB 1230 (Limón) would accelerate the state's transition to clean transportation by simplifying and streamlining existing clean car incentive programs and initiating the build out of new electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Decarbonizing California

These bills take bold action against oil companies’ and corporations’ greenhouse gas emissions, along with supporting local communities in the work to create a clean and energy-resilient environment!

SB 1314 (Limón) would stop oil companies from extracting additional oil from the ground using a method of carbon captured carbon dioxide, creating an end to all forms of fracking in California.

SB 833 (Dodd) would establish a new technical assistance and grant program through the California Energy Commission to assist local governments in partnering with utilities when developing clean energy resilience plans to make the most out of using clean distributed energy resources (DERs).

SB 260 (Wiener) would institute mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for large corporations (with revenues over $1 billion dollars) that do business in California, and would require companies to set targets for emissions reductions and employ measures to meet them.

Environmental Justice

These bills address the unfair way that state and federal investments have overlooked disadvantaged communities for generations, and provide resources to support communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

AB 2649 (Garcia) the Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act of 2022 would allocate 50% of state expenditure efforts for natural carbon sequestration (NCS) to low-income and disadvantaged communities: improving water quality, food security, and public health, and advancing environmental justice, climate resilience, and biodiversity.

You can ensure these bills make it to Governor Newsom’s desk by sending a message to your state representatives today!

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