Who We Are

Let’s Green CA is a climate justice movement with the goal of creating a carbon-neutral California.

Human-made climate change is a threat to all life on Earth. Despite clear international and scientific agreement on this point, little meaningful progress has been made to change the systems responsible for the climate emergency.

Let’s Green CA is a movement designed to overcome the lack of political will needed to address climate change — through a Green New Deal for the Golden State.

The Romero Institute is home to Let’s Green CA. We’re a law and public policy center, based in California. For more than 45 years, in partnership with activists like you, we've harnessed the power of community organizing and the legal system to confront system issues head-on and win justice.

In 2015, inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato si' encyclical on climate change, we became engaged in climate advocacy. We believe that stopping the destruction of the Earth is a moral imperative that requires a complete transformation of the economy — a national effort on the scale of FDR’s visionary New Deal.

Our first milestone is to create a California Green New Deal and get the core legislation passed into law by Sep. 30, 2022.

With the fifth largest economy in the world, California has a unique opportunity to mandate and enact a carbon-neutral model that can be followed globally.

Passing and implementing a California Green New Deal will prove that a carbon-neutral civilization is not only possible, but results in a more sustainable, equitable, resilient, and healthier world.

Let's Green California Staff

Our team consists of experts in community organizing, advocacy, the law, climate science, environmental justice, and communications.

Tell CARB: 100% Clean Cars by 2030!

The Newsom administration recently proposed a clean cars rule to address one of the largest drivers of the climate emergency: auto pollution. However, the proposal falls short of the urgent action we need. We’re calling on the administration to ensure that every new vehicle sold in California after 2030 is a clean car.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is taking public comment on their draft auto pollution rule until May 31. Fill out the form to the right to submit a public comment and tell CARB: we need to end oil dependence and transition to 100% electric vehicles far faster than proposed.